Phone Service Delivery Platforms: Understanding What Your Options Are For Phone Systems

Currently, there are five service delivery types for phones and phone systems. The most common one is the one you hold in your hand and carry around every day–the cell phone or mobile phone. It operates off of signals sent through the air from tower to tower. The four other platforms are often offered by cell phone and/or internet service providers. Knowing what your options are and what each type provides gives you a better idea about which one works for you.

Advantages To Colocated Servers Vs. On-Premise Servers

When setting up a company server, it can seem advantageous to keep servers in your offices and constantly accessible. When you have an on-premise server, the server has low latency and is in your complete control – and hardware is constantly accessible for upgrades and modifications. But there are also some clear advantages to colocated servers, especially for companies that don’t have dedicated IT personnel. Accessibility: Data Transfer Speed Though an on-premise company server will be highly accessible within your offices, it may be extremely sluggish when being connected to outside of your office.

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Colocation Center

Choosing the right colocation center is critical for the health of your company. This is because colocation centers are the reason why your company’s website is currently up and running. If you have a business that sells a product online and your website goes down, you could miss out on the sales that you would have otherwise received during the time that your website is not working. This could be thousands of dollars of sales that you essentially lose.