Tips For Selecting Your Channel Tier When Subscribing To A TV Provider

Are you getting ready to subscribe to a cable, satellite, or streaming live TV provider, and not sure which package you should be selecting? The process can seem quite overwhelming, with each provider having their own programming tiers that may be too much for what you need. Here are some tips for narrowing down your selection to the right tier.

Make A List Of Everyone's Favorite Shows

Start by asking everyone in your household what shows they watch regularly and would like to watch on a live TV provider. These may be shows they have watched on streaming services and are all caught up on, or shows that they simply love and can't miss. 

Categorize Everyone's Favorite Shows 

The next step is to take that list of shows and divide them into two categories. You want a list of shows that would be nice to have, but not necessary if you cannot watch it live. You'll also make another list of shows that people must have access to. For example, if someone is a very big sports fan, they may need a regional sports network that has their favorite team. Organize these shows into two basic columns so that you know which are important and which are not

Determine Which Network Each Show Is On

Now it is time to do a little bit of research. You'll need to figure out which network each TV show airs on. You may get lucky and find out that some shows air on the same channel, or that they are spread across multiple channels. As the list comes together, you should have network names next to each show on your list.

Determine Which Channels You Must Have

You should now go through your list and figure out which channels appear on the must-have list, and which networks appear on the nice-to-have list. It's a good idea to keep a tally of how many shows appear on each network so you know how essential it is to your TV provider tier selection.

Compare Your Channel List To The Programming Tiers

With your list of channels in mind, you can compare this to the various tiers of channels each TV provider offers. Once you see the package that you need for all your must-have shows, you can see if all the shows you'd like to have appear in that same tier. You may also discover that there is only one show that is forcing you to select a higher tier and that it may be worth it to lose it and bump down your channel selection to a more basic tier.