How The Changing Data Center Can Lead To Increased Connection Speeds

Connection speed can be of utmost importance in your business. While some of the speed is dependent on the amount of bandwidth provided by your ISP, there are other factors that can also impact connection speeds. The following guide can help you better understand the many options available for increasing the connection speed.

Take advantage of peering

Peering refers to the voluntary interconnection of different internet networks, which may or may not be part of the same organization. The purpose for the interconnection is simply to allow for the better exchange of traffic between users of each network. This is done by allowing unrelated networks in the same locality to interconnect so that the traffic and data travels locally instead of bouncing off servers that would otherwise be located far away, such as on the other side of the world. It does take time for data to travel distances and bounce between servers, so interconnecting with local networks can help increase the speed and reduce latency in your connections.

Make sure your interconnect speed is suitable to your needs

Interconnect speed is measured by gigabytes per second (Gbps). Speeds allowed by network servers tend to be in the range of 10 to 40 Gbps, with 25 being the average. This means that most modern networks are running on 25 Gbps systems, which is suitable if you are sending a moderate amount of traffic and data over the system. Those with higher data transfer needs should consider the 40 Gbps systems, which allow four streams to send 10 Gbps as opposed to one the transfer of one stream at 25 Gbps. There are even 100 Gbps systems in the works, which could lead to even faster connectivity down the road.

Look for increased points of presence

Points of presence go hand in hand with interconnection. Data centers will need to have more gateways in physical locations to transfer traffic and data locally. This is especially true as more and more devices go mobile – the days of being tied to a computer in a single location are ending. Even office workers are moving out of the office and doing more online work elsewhere, so it's vital that there are more points of presence provided by ISPs so that speed remains consistent regardless of where the connection to the network is occurring.

Contact an ISP that specializes in data center management to learn more about how you can increase connection speeds for your business.